As well as providing full events, we can also bring singular activities which can be used as a thank you to clients, a relaxation for employees or just a bit of fun at the end of a conference!

Focus Fit

With a team of professional personal trainers across the UK, we have a variation of packages available ranging from 30 minute team workouts to afternoon assault courses. 



Breakout Bike Riding

We understand that there isn't that many hours in the working day to fit in an afternoon activity. So why not try a 20-30 minute group bike ride around the estate?




Looking for a fun, interactive and passionate activity you can do with your colleagues? You're in luck! Our drumming packages are brilliant for large groups.



Quad Biking

Nothing beats the fresh breeze on your face as you race through the countryside, tacking dirt tracks, conquering slopes and braving the sudden drops!

Rage Buggies

Bring your event to life with these sharp handling, super quick off-road buggies. Their excellent grip to the track allows you to really let rip and bring out the inner speed machine within you.


These air cushioned vehicles are great motorised activities if you're looking for something that doesn't damage any lawns. 


These off road go karts are great fun on corporate events, you'll be surprised how many CEOs love doing wheelies around their colleagues! 


These 6 wheeled little monsters have some serious torque to get you over almost any terrain

Super Car Experiences

Ever wanted to drive your all time favourite super car at high speeds around a race track? With a variation of packages to choose from we have everything you're looking for and more! 

Mini JCB Driving

The vehicles that we use are single seated mini JCB diggers. This activity is a fun way to get teams to work together to overcome various challenges using a unique vehicle to do so.

4x4 Off-Road Pursuits

Why drive on the road when you can have so much fun off it? An off road 4x4 driving experience allows you to tackle tough terrain on board a hardy vehicle.

Micro Quads

Micro Quads are something completely different. The driving position is awkward, you look daft while driving one and everyone will be laughing at you and you'll be laughing at them on their go. But you will definitely enjoy it!



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